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Business Entity & Partnership Disputes

Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Pleasanton Help Businesses Resolve Partnership Disputes

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Whether your business is a partnership or other type of business entity, if an internal conflict arises, it can destroy everything you've worked for. We at Garcia & Gurney, ALC fully understand the complexities of business law and provide clients throughout the Bay Area with experienced and reliable representation. While we are skilled in negotiating out-of-court resolutions for partnership disputes, we are also equipped to litigate on your behalf.

California's business judgment rule

The business judgment rule (BJR) is designed to protect business directors from personal liability when they make decisions that are in good faith and believed to benefit the company. Without the business judgment rule, directors would be incapable of taking risks to further a business because shareholders would be able to question every decision.

Many people assume that the business judgment rule protects both directors and corporate officers. However, the recent California District Court ruling in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. Matthew Perry did not allow the defendant, a chief executive officer, protection under the BJR. If a BJR dispute is affecting your company, our attorneys at Garcia & Gurney, ALC can review the facts of your case to determine the best course of action for your business.

Shareholder fiduciary derivative suits

Company directors and executives have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the business and its shareholders. If you suspect a director or executive is acting to further his or her own financial gain instead of doing what is best for the company, a skilled Pleasanton attorney can help you file a derivative lawsuit.

The goal of such a suit is to heal financial injury to a business by collecting damages from the defendant. However, bringing a shareholder derivative suit against company executives can be an arduous task. At Garcia & Gurney, ALC, our commercial litigation attorneys have extensive experience helping shareholders in Pleasanton and throughout Northern California take action against third parties who commit wrongdoing against corporations and businesses.

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Garcia & Gurney, ALC has developed a reputation in and around Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for providing businesses with swift and effective representation. For help with a labor, employment or other business law matter, contact us today by phone at 925-468-0400 or online.

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