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December 2015
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Negotiating Union Contracts

One of the last things an employer wants to hear is that its labor force has decided to strike.  Images of picket lines and lost customers float through the minds of the Board and executive officers, while profits are threatened. One major cause of a strike is a breakdown in contract negotiations between the company’s Read More

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A New Uber Multi-Verse? Not Quite, but Expansion Increases Class Size by Thousands

In a State that includes Hollywood as well as Disneyland’s Star Wars expansion, it is difficult to hear much news other than all the hype surrounding Disney’s release of the next film further expanding upon the Star Wars universe. However, the latest ruling in the Uber saga involving thousands of its drivers hoping to be Read More

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A Lesson from the Feds: When Enough is Enough

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments in an employment law case involving a federal employee who filed a discrimination lawsuit based on what he believed to be constructive discharge, or a discriminatory environment that forced him to resign. The allegations are similar to many such cases and likely will be very difficult for him to Read More

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The Art of Settlement Negotiations

  More and more in today’s modern business world, companies are seeking to resolve their disputes in a more amicable setting than the traditional courtroom. Litigation has proven itself throughout history to be costly in terms of both money and time and does not guarantee the parties an acceptable outcome. It is in the area Read More

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Moving Cargo: Liability and Loss Concerns

The United States is unique in its ability to provide services across its vast land via many routes over land, air, and sea. The shipping routes throughout the country are constantly in motion, with numerous entities working together toward one common goal – moving products from one place to another, without damage, in as little Read More

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Cybersecurity and Corporate Espionage: Modern Corporate Warfare

Companies have been using various methodologies to spy on their competition for as many years as there have been businesses competing for share of a marketplace. While the reasons for espionage have arguably changed little over time, the manner in which it is done has been subjected to constant change. This is because without change, Read More

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A Creditor’s Right to Collect: Know the Law and Protect Your Assets

There is a certain amount of trust that is required in order to lend anything of value to another person and this is no less true in the relationship between a creditor and debtor. The creditor, when lending money to a debtor, enters into an agreement trusting that the debtor will live up to the Read More

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At-Will Employment: Explanation and Rules for Termination

California is an at-will state, but what does that actually mean? The definition can be spun depending on which side of the employment agreement a person is on, but the most common way of explaining what it means to be at-will is that each party to the agreement has more freedom to terminate the employment Read More

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