Alameda County Update: COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan Replaces Social Distancing Protocol

Pursuant to the prior May 18, 2020 Order (“Prior Order”), Essential and Outdoor Businesses were required to create, distribute, and post a Social Distancing Protocol (“SDP”), which was included in the Prior Order as Appendix A. However, in the new June 5, 2020 Order (“New Order”), Alameda County revised Appendix A; specifically, the SDP was replaced by a Site-Specific Protection Plan (“SSPP”). SSPP applies to all businesses and provides a two-week grace period (i.e., until June 19, 2020) for businesses already allowed to be operate under the Prior Order before they have to comply with the New Order.

The good news is Alameda County has created this SSPP template for you to fill out and implement at your workforce. Here are some basics to remember (if your business is located in Alameda):

  • You must prepare/update, post, implement, and distribute a SSPP for each facility in Alameda County frequented by personnel or members of the public.
  • If you are engaged in construction activities, you do not have to prepare/update, post, implement and distribute a SSPP. Instead, you must comply with the Construction Project Safety Protocols in Appendix B of the New Order.
  • The SSPP must be substantially in the form created by Alameda County (see link to SSPP template above).
  • The SSPP must be posted at or near the entrance of your facility, and shall be easily viewable by the public and personnel.
  • A copy of the SSPP must be distributed to each person performing work at the facility.
  • Although you are not required to submit a SSPP to the State or the Alameda County Public Health Department, you must be prepared to provide evidence of its implementation to any authority enforcing the New Order upon demand.
  • Lastly, you must remember that you must still follow any industry-specific guidance issued by the Health Officer related to COVID-19, and all other safeguards/requirements pursuant to the New Order.

Should you have any specific questions about this, or need additional guidance about this or the IIPP (applicable to all employers, regardless of whether in Alameda County or not), which was discussed in our previous Blog, do not hesitate to reach out.