Pleasanton Diversity Training Attorneys Aid with DEI Implementation

Knowledgeable lawyers provide guidance on sensitive employment issues

Across the globe, businesses are undergoing a huge transformation from the traditional model of shareholder capitalism to that of stakeholder capitalism. What this means is that businesses are becoming more mindful of serving all parties they impact, rather than simply the stockholders who profit from their performance. A major element in this transformation is the adoption of diversity, equity and inclusion policies, known as DEI. However, not every businessperson understands this shift in the paradigm or how to approach DEI for their company. To help your business train for the future and avoid conflicts over policies, Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation offers effective training for corporate personnel. Our knowledgeable employment law attorneys walk businesses throughout Alameda Country and the Tri-Valley area through the basics, and perform a deep dive into practical applications, advantages and pitfalls to avoid.

What is "DEI?”

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a term that describes a set of policies and programs designed to promote broad representation across different groups of individuals. DEI challenges companies to address the needs of people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations. Under the model of stakeholder capitalism, companies are asked to consider how their operations, development plans, goods or services, carbon footprint, employment practices and other aspects impact the greater community. In the area of employment, DEI supports efforts to recruit, train, retain and advance workers from diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and expertise, especially those from traditionally marginalized groups.

What is involved in DEI training?

Diversity presents challenges to company culture because workers from different backgrounds can have different perceptions of conduct and communication, which can be alienating and disempowering. Individuals may harbor unconscious biases based on stereotypes, which manifest in microaggressions. Diversity training provides a forum for discussion that advances understanding and appreciation.

Our training also seeks to promote a sense of equity by exploring the underlying causes of disparities in society. Equity training helps to ensure that company practices promote justice, fairness and impartiality.

As for inclusiveness, DEI training attempts to increase cultural sensitivity so that workers of different backgrounds can feel a sense of belonging.

The advantages of DEI training include:

  • Eliminating discrimination and harassment
  • Creating a safe workplace for all employees
  • Avoiding legal disputes
  • Encouraging innovation and growth
  • Increased employee productivity, morale and retention

Training also helps your company commit to a DEI program that enhances your company image, leading to greater brand loyalty among socially conscious consumers.

How our firm helps with DEI investigations

Companies that commit to DEI principles may initially fall short of expectations. When that happens, management needs a clear, factual analysis of the situation. However, conducting an investigation yourself can lead to allegations of a coverup and call your commitment to getting to the bottom of the issue into question. Instead, you can call on our employment lawyers to investigate. We have extensive experience in matters involving:

  • Discrimination in hiring and promotions
  • Discriminatory discipline
  • Retaliation
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination

Retaining a neutral third party to investigate sends a clear signal to your workers that you want a fair resolution of the dispute. Our investigation can provide the unbiased findings you need to remedy the immediate situation and implement correctives to prevent similar incidents in the future.                

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