Pleasanton Transportation Law Attorneys

Representing Transportation and Logistics Companies Across the Spectrum of Transportation Law Matters

Trucking is a heavily regulated industry. Like any other business, transportation and logistics companies deal with contracts and employment matters. However, these companies deal with such issues in a different regulatory environment than other businesses, with a host of issues unique to the transportation industry.

In addition to labor issues, a multitude of other areas come under the control of the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other government agencies. At Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation, our lawyers are experienced in advising and representing businesses on the particular issues that arise in the transportation field. We regularly represent transportation and logistics companies in matters such as:

  • Bills of lading terms and conditions
  • Subcontractor contracting
  • Cargo insurance
  • International transactions
  • Freight claims
  • Department of Transportation regulation compliance
  • Trucker employment practices
  • Supply chain strategy and management

Attorneys Advising Businesses on Labor Issues in the Transportation Industry

Hours of service rules for truckers are more complex than the general overtime rules for workers in most other industries. We help transportation companies with planning and compliance regarding a host of labor issues in the transportation industry, including wage & hour issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act and union matters regulated by the National Labor Relations Board. We help trucking companies stay in compliance with the law while maintaining an efficient and productive workforce.

Lawyers Assisting with Trucking Contracts and Regulations Compliance

As knowledgeable business lawyers experienced in the transportation industry, we can help negotiate, draft or review all manner of trucking and transportation contracts, including bills of lading, cargo insurance, international transactions and more. We can advise trucking clients on all relevant DOT issues, including compliance with hazmat and safety matters, rules regarding securing cargo and vehicle markings, alcohol and drug-testing requirements, NAFTA rules on cross-border trucking, and more.

Transportation Lawyers Serving Pleasanton, Fremont, Bay Area Trucking and Logistics Companies

For professional advice and representation regarding any aspect of transportation law, contact attorneys with experience in business, labor and employment law specific to the transportation industry. Whether you’re in Pleasanton, Fremont, or elsewhere in the Bay Area, contact Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation for assistance.