Pleasanton Workplace Training Lawyers Help Companies Navigate Employment Law Matters

Customized instruction enhances compliance to create a positive culture and avoid liability

Businesses in California face a number of compliance challenges, where falling short of legal standards can expose the company and its officers to heavy sanctions. To help your company stay in compliance with state and federal employment law, Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation offers concise but comprehensive training for supervisory employees at all levels. We break down the law into easily understandable principles and offer guidance on sound protocols. Companies that go through our training are better able to navigate the law, avoiding violations that could result in complaints and civil litigation. As seasoned employment law attorneys, we firmly believe that preventing disputes is cost-effective, because it enhances worker productivity and loyalty, while mitigating the risk of liability losses.

Terminations in California

Most employment in California is at-will, meaning the either the employer or employee can end the relationship for any reason or no reason at all, as long as the firing is not for an illegal reason, such as workplace discrimination. However, executive talent is generally bound by an employment contract. The termination must be for cause — usually a failure in performance or malfeasance — which the employer must prove, or else face allegations of breach of contract and even defamation. For these reasons, companies must be careful about the way they terminate employees. A “quiet” termination, for example, which involves managers pulling back a worker’s duties instead of just terminating them outright, could potentially lead to legal conflict. Our training covers other vital topics, such as:

  • Legal requirements for termination
  • Proper planning for termination
  • Discipline prior to termination
  • Pay requirements
  • How to treat severance agreements

This training is designed to help your company establish and implement best practices to avoid conflicts. However, individual cases may still require legal guidance from a knowledgeable employment lawyer.

Managerial training to avoid legal conflicts

The members of your managerial staff are most responsible for building a positive company culture. Our firm offers practical training for supervisory employees to help them manage subordinates effectively and ethically. Our training is designed to enhance productivity, elevate morale and prevent legal conflicts between management and the workers they oversee. Topics we cover include:

  • Managing different employee characteristics
  • Different approaches for enhancing productivity and building morale within the company
  • How and when to use disciplinary techniques
  • Recognizing signs of triggering ADA analysis
  • Working with and managing difficult employees
  • Reviewing California legal standards for compliance with the state’s drug laws

Your company policies are only as good as the people implementing them. Our training helps provide a solid foundation on which you can start building an ethical company culture.

Understanding worker rights under FMLA, CFRA and ADA

Balancing the needs of your company with the individual rights afforded certain workers can be complex. Our training encompasses a number of critical issues, including:

  • What leaves are appropriate for which employees
  • How to properly fill out the appropriate compliance forms
  • What to do when leave runs out
  • Navigating cross-over issues with ADA

This informative training can eliminate some of the confusion that can lead to conflict in the workplace.

Legal training for the C-Suite

We’ve all heard the phrase: “The buck stops here.” But when that buck stops, C-Suite executives can be exposed to potentially ruinous personal liability. To protect your company officers, our team offers training geared especially to top-level management. Topics include:

  • Biggest exposures for officers
  • Navigating management of diverse teams
  • Working with the HR department
  • Management of HR for the smaller employer

The knowledge gained from our training can help your company comply fully with state and federal employment law standards while also building a more positive company culture.

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