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Trademarks are symbols, words or phrases used to represent a product or company. Trademarks are a way to fully identify a brand or service. Protecting them can be vital to the success of a business. If you need competent assistance with a trademark or other intellectual property issue, Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation can help. Our firm has extensive experience helping clients in the Silicon Valley area with complex trademark matters, including licensing agreements and registration.

Types of trademark cases we handle

Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation has built a reputation for providing clients with knowledgeable and dependable legal advice for a broad range of intellectual property issues. Our lawyers frequently help clients with the following types of trademark matters:

  • Clearances: Before creating and establishing a trademark, it is essential that you conduct a clearance search. A properly conducted clearance search can ensure that the mark you want to use has not already been chosen by another person or party.
  • Opinion letters: After our lawyers perform a clearance search of the mark you are considering, we can provide you with an opinion letter detailing what we have uncovered. Within this letter, we can include a full analysis on the mark, the legal risks you may face by using the mark, and the likelihood that your application to register the mark will be successful.
  • Registration: Our firm has experience assisting clients in registering trademarks under state and federal law. Registering your trademark provides you protection and deters other parties from using your mark.
  • Licensing infringement: At Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation, we realize that a trademark dispute can put your business at risk. If your trademark is infringed upon, our attorneys can review your case and help you send an infringement threat letter. While we are skilled in negotiating, our lawyers are also prepared to enter fierce litigation on your behalf.

Whether you need help establishing a trademark or filing a lawsuit to enforce trademark rights or to stop trademark infringement, our law firm is prepared to provide you with the highest level of legal service.

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