Pleasanton Attorneys for All Your Business & Employment Law Needs in California

At Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation, our clients are primarily business people needing advice and counsel on compliance with labor and employment matters, as well as help in a host of other areas centered on growing a business and reducing risk. We get to know our clients, their industries and occupations, and provide a broad range of legal services to foster success. Below are our major areas of concentration.

Employment & Labor Law

Employment and labor law is a chief focus for Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation. Our comprehensive practice covers everything from employment discrimination and sexual harassment to wage-and-hour issues and union negotiations.

Business Transactions

We assist businesses large and small throughout the life of the company, providing advice and counsel for everything from forming the entity to negotiating, drafting and reviewing business transactions, contracts, and agreements.

Business Litigation

We do our best to settle matters out of court. But, when needed, we provide assertive, effective representation in business litigation matters, including contract disputes, business torts, and partnership disputes.

Transportation Law

We represent transportation and logistics companies in matters such as bills of lading terms and conditions, subcontracting, cargo insurance, and Department of Transportation regulation compliance.

Real Estate Law

From negotiating leases and sales to litigating title and boundary disputes, our firm’s comprehensive commercial real estate practice helps ensure that our client’s rights and interests are protected now and long into the future.

Construction Contracts & Litigation

We work with property owners, developers and contractors in every phase of the construction process. Our construction law practice includes a robust litigation practice as well, dealing with construction-defect claims, payments, and other construction industry disputes.

Enforcing Creditors’ Rights in Collections & Bankruptcy

We help creditors and lienholders collect receivables and enforce their contractual rights, including representing and enforcing creditors’ rights in bankruptcy.

Intellectual Property

Our practice goes beyond registration and infringement litigation and includes protecting intellectual property at every level in a company, including drafting employment agreements covering trade secrets and nondisclosure of proprietary information, as well as full coverage of IP issues involving the Internet.

Probate & Trust Litigation

We help our clients with probate or trust litigation, handling contests and challenges of all sorts, as well as allegations that an executor or trustee has failed in the performance of fiduciary duties.

Cannabis Law

Recreational and medicinal cannabis laws in California have greatly expanded business opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Garcia & Gurney helps businesses establish, operate, sell, and acquire cannabis enterprises by navigating local, state, and federal laws.

Privacy Law

Privacy law is an ever-increasing area of law that requires businesses of all sizes to understand risks and mitigate security breaches. Any business that operates a website, mobile app, or online portal for clients or employees, has growing compliance requirements from the state of California, and possibly other laws from around the United States and European Union.

Experienced Pleasanton Attorneys Ready to Help You & Your Company

Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation is your company’s general business and employment counsel, providing advice and assistance across the spectrum of business law matters. We serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay, especially in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. So contact Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation for help from a knowledgeable and experienced law firm.