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Copyright Lawyers Help You Protect Your Investment in Intellectual Property

Providing clients in Pleasanton with experienced legal guidance

Copyrights are essential tools for protecting creative expressions. As a business owner, you have probably spent many years and substantial resources creating your valuable intellectual property. Whether you need help prosecuting a copyright infringement claim or defending one, Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation is up to the challenge. We have helped clients throughout Alameda County and the Tri-Valley, and have a comprehensive command of the various laws governing intellectual property. Let our highly qualified legal team provide you with trustworthy assistance with whatever copyright matter you face.

Types of cases we handle

Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation provides clients with prompt, personalized advice regarding all aspects of intellectual property protection. Our experienced team of attorneys can help you with the following types of copyright issues:

  • Registration: Copyright is automatic upon creation of original works of authorship. However, by registering a copyright, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against anyone who copies your work. If a copyright is integral to your business, registration is an important step to take.
  • Licensing agreements: After registering your copyright, your next step may be to create a licensing agreement. Licensing agreements give you control of a product. They can allow you to limit precisely how a product is used.
  • Prosecution of a copyright infringement: When you suspect someone of stealing your original design or work, you need the help of a knowledgeable copyright infringement attorney. Our firm has considerable experience representing clients who seek legal action against parties for copyright infringement.
  • Copyright infringement defense: Defending against a copyright infringement claim is one of the most difficult aspects of intellectual property law. Our attorneys understand the law in depth and can quickly assess the facts of your case to determine the best course of action for your situation.

At Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation, we are committed to helping individuals and business protect their valuable intellectual property through the creation and enforcement of copyrights.

Comprehensive copyright help from a skilled legal team

Whether you are a new inventor or a seasoned entrepreneur, Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation is here to guide you in making informed decisions about how best to protect your intellectual property. For help with an intellectual property, labor, employment, or other business law matter in and around Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, contact us today by phone at 925-468-0400 or online.

Client Testimonials
  • "Melinda Garcia came very highly recommended by two colleagues who raved about her expertise and assertiveness. She and her team are extremely responsive and help us navigate the legal challenges of our consulting business. We're thrilled to have Melinda on our side!"

  • "Melinda Garcia was wonderful to work with. She is an outstanding listener and has a great memory for details and personal information.... which makes one feel very comfortable and welcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone not only because of her outstanding abilities but because of the compassion she eludes in dealing with an individual's issues/concerns."

  • "Highly recommend! "

  • "Melinda Garcia provided me excellent advice in resolving an employment agreement related to an acquisition of the company I worked for. She is very knowledgeable, asked me what I wanted to achieve with her services, provided excellent service to achieve those goals, and was very cognizant of fees. I recommend her for employment related services."

  • "Melinda Garcia provided excellent guidance with an employment/compensation case. Her knowledge of employment law, and strong negotiation skills, brought the case to a successful conclusion."

  • "Melinda Garcia has done an excellent job assisting us as we established our small business. From incorporation to contract negotiations, Melinda Garcia and her staff were outstanding"

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