Skilled Pleasanton Attorneys Manage Corporate Governance Issues

Drafting and enforcing company bylaws to address fiduciary duties

A corporation is a representative institution, where a board of directors and company officers are charged with upholding shareholder interests. To ensure that responsible parties do not violate their fiduciary duties, companies draft bylaws outlining duties and procedures to address perceived infractions. Attorneys for Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation draft and review bylaws for small to mid-sized companies throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. As partners in your efforts to achieve business success, we help your company manage self-governance with the utmost professionalism.

Helping to ensure smooth governance through customized corporate bylaws

Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation drafts bylaws that are specific to your company, and include these basic components as required by law:

  • Identification — This is a statement of your organization’s name, purpose and office location.
  • Members — The bylaws must include a description of membership, including the selection process, voting rights and procedures for disciplining and removing members.
  • Board of Directors — This part of the bylaws discusses the composition and operation of your company’s primary governing body, including the qualifications and duties of board members.
  • Committees — The special committees that serve specific functions within your organization are listed.
  • Officers — Details about the board members who perform specific functions for the company, from the CEO on down, must be included.
  • Meetings — This section provides rules such as the required quorum for regular meetings that affect the company.
  • Conflict of interest — The bylaws must provide a mechanism for dealing with instances in which an officer’s personal considerations may conflict with his or her fiduciary duty.
  • Procedures for amending bylaws — When your company implements its bylaws, you may find certain points unworkable or impractical. For that reason, you must have specific procedures in place allowing for changes to be made.

Your corporate bylaws are the foundation for your governance and a vital instrument for assuring that your officers fulfill their responsibilities to company shareholders. You can trust Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation to address your company’s needs with customized bylaws that suit your operations.

A trusted partner assists with corporate governance issues in the Tri-Valley

Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation provides corporate legal services that help your company perform its self-governance and fulfill its fiduciary duty. Our reliable attorneys address all issues related to company bylaws so you can operate confidently. To speak with a trustworthy corporate attorney serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, call us today at 925-468-0400 or contact us online.