Labor Issues for Healthcare Workers in California

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The healthcare industry has its own specialized employment issues. Whether you are an employee dealing with labor code violations or an employer faced with complex duties of managing a workforce, you can benefit greatly from the counsel of a skilled legal team. The labor attorneys at Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation understand the issues that physicians, nurses and healthcare providers deal with on a regular basis, and we are prepared to provide you with skilled, reliable guidance.

Meal and rest-break laws for nurses

A growing concern in employment law in California and throughout the United States is the treatment of nurses. Under the California Labor Code, nurses are entitled to a 30-minute unpaid meal break after working for five consecutive hours unless the workday will be finished in six hours or less. Also, nurses who work 10 hours or more in a day are allowed two 30-minute unpaid meal breaks unless the work day will be no longer than 12 hours.

What our employment lawyers can do for you

Employees and employers in the healthcare industry often require the help of knowledgeable counsel to resolve employment issues. At Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation, our dedicated Pleasanton attorneys can assist you with the following healthcare-related labor issues:

  • Compliance advice: We frequently provide general compliance advice to healthcare providers, doctors, physicians and hospitals on many issues, including wage-and-hour matters, hiring, employee termination, drug testing, and family and medical leave.
  • Contracts: Our attorneys in Pleasanton know how to draft sound employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements and coverage agreements between healthcare providers and doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Additionally, we can help you review or interpret a contract to ensure its terms are in your best interest.
  • Civil rights violations: As a law firm that represents both employers and employees, we have a comprehensive command of the law and know how to prosecute and defend civil rights violation claims that allege discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age or disability.

Trusted employment counsel for members of the healthcare industry in California

When any type of employment issue interferes with your ability to earn a living, Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation is prepared to offer you the highest level of legal service. For help with a labor and employment issue or other business law matter in and around Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, contact us today by phone at 925-468-0400 or online.