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Properly negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with a union can be essential to the success of your business. A good agreement can also prevent charges of unfair labor practices.

Rather than attempt to negotiate with unionized workers on your own, you should consider consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer. The skilled Pleasanton attorneys at Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation provide employers with sound labor law counsel to avoid common missteps that can occur when negotiating with unions. We work diligently to protect the management rights of your business.

How the National Labor Relations Act affects you as an employer

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), a federal law enacted in 1935, gives employees the right to form or join unions and engage in concerted activities with the intention of improving work conditions. The NLRA protects most private sector employees. Government employees, agricultural laborers, independent contractors and supervisors are not covered by the act.

The National Labor Relations Board enforces the NLRA. As an employer, you are obligated to resolve union issues through good-faith bargaining. It is unlawful for you to coerce or restrain employees who are exercising their rights as covered by the NLRA. If charges are filed against you for violating an employee’s right to unionize or engage in concerted activity, the employment lawyers at Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation are ready to stand by your side.

Collective bargaining agreements

When creating a collective bargaining agreement with unionized employees, it is essential that you tread carefully and in good faith. A mistake at this stage, no matter how minor, can result in charges of unfair labor practices, strikes, work stoppages and litigation. Our lawyers can help you settle disputes with your employees in a timely and non-hostile manner. If an employee files a grievance against your company for violation of a signed collective bargaining agreement or employment law, our Pleasanton labor lawyers are prepared to provide you with competent representation during arbitration.

Experienced attorneys representing the best interests of California employers

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