Our Law Firm in Pleasanton Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation is a Pleasanton firm that provides exceptional legal representation to clients in Silicon Valley and other California communities. Whether you have a pressing need or are seeking advice on how to protect your business against future legal problems, choosing the right attorney is a critical decision. To assist your process, we are always ready to answer your questions. Inquires that we hear frequently include:

What kind of matters does Garcia & Gurney handle?

Our firm advises companies on a wide range of employment law and business law matters. This includes representation in claims by employees alleging discrimination, wage violations or some other type of workplace misconduct. We also handle civil litigation, real estate and intellectual property matters, as well as counseling clients on specific concerns related to the transportation and cannabis industries. By focusing on these matters, our firm is able to provide knowledgeable insight to clients on the latest developments in these legal fields.

What matters are not handled by the firm?

We do not handle personal injury claims, estate planning, family law issues or criminal defense cases. Many types of legal challenges are complicated and could involve more than one area of practice. If you are unsure as to whether our firm could assist with your particular situation, we will be happy to review the circumstances and advise you regarding the best way forward.

Is a free initial consultation available?

Though our firm does not offer a free initial consultation, we maximize clients’ value by delivering personalized counsel and practical solutions no matter how simple or complex their legal needs are. Instead of wasting your time with formalities that don’t go anywhere, our attorneys work immediately to find the best way to accomplish your goals. 

What is Garcia & Gurney’s fee structure?

With a diverse group of clients, we understand the financial pressures faced by businesses and the need to keep legal costs under control. Our firm offers a traditional hourly fee structure as well as hybrid plans that can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. For example, some clients prefer to negotiate a flat fee for a particular project or task. You can make payments via credit card through our website to make the payment process simpler.

What can I expect from my initial consultation? 

When you meet with us for the first time, you can expect an honest conversation about your legal challenges and the legal options you have to tackle them. Though we are highly experienced litigators, we understand that even a successful result at trial might not be worth the time and expense involved. As we offer insight gained through decades of combined legal practice, you will develop a well-informed perspective on the applicable legal standards and the likelihood of achieving a successful resolution.