Pleasanton Employment Law Attorneys Conduct Conflict Resolution Training

Experienced lawyers offer strategies for resolving disputes constructively to avoid escalations

If you run a business, you know that your workforce is comprised of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, whose perceptions do not always align. This can produce friction. When conflicts arise or personalities clash, the smooth operation of the business can suffer. Left unaddressed, these conflicts can consume an organization, creating a dysfunctional work environment with low morale and high churn. In the worst cases, the company can find itself in litigation against members of its own workforce. It is leadership’s responsibility to recognize conflicts and take decisive steps to resolve them before they escalate. At Garcia & Gurney, a Law Corporation, our employment law attorneys draw on decades of experience to counsel business leaders on conflict resolution methods. We conduct training for employees at all levels and help organizations implement strategies to resolve conflicts and build a positive corporate culture.

What is conflict resolution in the workplace?

Every organization is comprised of human beings, who are naturally prone to conflict. In a work setting, conflicts can arise between coworkers or between supervisors and subordinates. These conflicts can result in negative behavior that adversely impacts the organization’s mission, such as:

  • Verbal arguments
  • Physical altercations
  • Passive aggression
  • Insubordination
  • Chronic lateness or absenteeism
  • Arbitrary, capricious or excessive discipline
  • Sabotage, vandalism, theft and other “acting out” behavior against the company

The longer conflicts go unresolved, the greater the corrosive effect on the organization. Therefore, it is incumbent on leadership to be proactive. This can be summarized in three steps, or the 3 Rs, which include:

  • Recognize — Leadership must be engaged sufficiently with the workforce to notice the red flags that indicate conflict. Our training explains how to recognize conduct that can be a warning sign of workforce conflict.
  • Respond — Once leadership is aware of a conflict, they cannot ignore the problem. Nor can they behave in a reactionary or punitive manner. Our training proposes strategies for various workplace scenarios, so leadership can take appropriate steps based on the known facts of the situation.  
  • Remedy — There is no one-size-fits-all solution for workplace conflicts. Most importantly, leadership must conduct an open, but discrete inquiry to elicit all pertinent facts. Once the facts are known, leadership can choose an appropriate remedy. Our training presents proven solutions to a wide range of situations. 

It is also important for rank-and-file workers to have a process of conflict resolution. They must feel safe in articulating their problem with a coworker or supervisor to someone in the organization who can help them pursue an effective resolution.

Benefits of conflict resolution training

The ultimate goal of conflict resolution training is to help organizations build a healthy culture where disputes are nipped in the bud and do not become distractions. Through our training program, your organization can learn how to implement effective policies that result in:

  • Higher morale
  • Less negative behavior
  • Less time lost
  • Greater employee retention
  • Greater worker productivity
  • Fewer EEOC complaints
  • Less employment litigation

These benefits far outweigh the modest cost of the training.

How our law firm helps resolve conflicts in the workplace

Even businesses that have effective policies in place will occasionally find themselves litigating conflicts among employees. When this happens, timely and trustworthy advice from an experienced employment lawyer can make a great difference. Our knowledgeable attorneys can assist with all types of employment disputes, saving you time, money and frustration.

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