Experienced Lawyers Help Clients Settle Contract Disputes in California

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At Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation ALC, we help business owners make informed decisions in regards to contract disputes. We recognize that many contract disputes arise as a result of poorly written documents. Our lawyers aim to prevent such disagreements from arising by helping clients draft comprehensive contracts that are explicit and well-thought-out. Regardless of how or why a contract dispute is disrupting your business, we can help. Our legal team is prepared to negotiate or litigate to assist you in obtaining a fair and timely resolution.

Breach of contract

When a party fails to uphold his or her duties set forth by a contract, you have the right to take legal action. However, contract law can be extremely complicated. A business attorney at Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation can review your case to determine if your contract has been breached and can then collect the documents and evidence required to prove the breach.

Listed below are common types of contract disputes:

  • Purchase agreement disputes
  • Service agreement disputes
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Government contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes


If you are a creditor or a lender, and you have signed a contract with a borrower who does not uphold obligations established by the contract, we can help you draft a collections letter demanding payment. If the borrower fails to respond to the letter, our commercial litigation lawyers in Pleasanton are prepared to enforce your contract by filing a lawsuit.

Statute of limitations for a breach of contract action in California

Upon suspecting a breach of contract, you should immediately seek help from a knowledgeable business attorney. In Pleasanton, and throughout the State of California, the statute of limitations for a written contract is four years, and two years for an oral contract. However, if the breach of contract involves misrepresentation, the statute of limitations does not begin to run until you have discovered the instance of fraud.

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When a contract dispute threatens to put a halt to your business, you need prompt legal aid. We at Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation are proud to provide clients with effective representation for a variety of business law issues. For help with a labor and employment matter or other business law concern in or around Alameda and Contra Costa counties, contact us today by phone at 925-468-0400 or online.