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Garcia & Gurney, A Law Corporation provides high-quality legal service to business owners in the healthcare, transportation, construction and other industries. As experienced lawyers, we have a thorough understanding of the unique aspects of each of these fields. We also recognize that business law can be confusing. When you retain our services, you gain the support of a dedicated team of attorneys who can provide you with trustworthy advice on a variety of issues and skillfully resolve disputes through negotiation or litigation.

Entity formation

Before starting a new business, you should speak with a knowledgeable business lawyer who can assess your situation and determine which of the following entities is best suited for you:

  • Corporation: Corporations are ideal for large companies. Shareholders in corporations are liable only for their investment in the company; their personal assets are safe.
  • Limited liability company (LLC): LLCs combine the flow-through taxation of partnerships and the limited liability of corporations.
  • General partnership: General partnerships are usually used for small or medium-sized businesses with at least two partners. Under this business model, liability for debts is shared among partners.
  • Limited partnership: Limited partnerships are similar to general partnerships except that they have two different types of partners, general partners and limited partners. Limited partners are liable only for their own investments and do not take part in the management of the partnership.
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP): Under a limited liability partnership, all partners are granted limited personal liability. In California, LLPs are limited to individuals licensed to practice in law, architecture or public accountancy.
  • Sole proprietorship: A sole proprietorship is a business model wherein the owner and the business are considered a single entity in regards to liability and tax purposes.


Contracts are a major part of any business. A well-written contract is clear and carefully thought-out and explains the obligations of all parties involved. A poorly written contract is vague, fails to set forth the responsibilities of signing parties, and can ultimately result in litigation. At Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation, our commercial litigation lawyers can help you draft a comprehensive contract for any type of business matter in Pleasanton or throughout the Bay Area. Additionally, we can review an existing contract to ensure it is in your best interests, and we can deftly negotiate terms that are explicit and fair.

Employment agreements

Creating a sound employment agreement is essential to avoiding a lawsuit. Individuals who work for you may be classified as either employees or independent contractors. Additionally, you must be aware that job titles and positions do not establish whether a worker is a full-time employee or an independent contractor. Rather, the duties and responsibilities of the individual determine his or her classification. Having a properly drafted employment agreement can set forth the exact obligations of a worker and can be a useful tool in defending against a claim.

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