Commonly Asked Questions in Construction Law

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At Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help clients with the most complex and diverse construction law litigation issues. We frequently advise and assist contractors, architects and developers with a broad spectrum of matters. Below are frequently asked questions and answers related to construction law:

What is a mechanic's lien?

Under California Civil Code 8410-8424, a mechanic’s lien may be used by contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals to collect payment when a client does not pay. It is important to understand that a mechanic’s lien can only be filed after the claimant’s work has been completed. A preliminary lien notice must be filed for the lien to be valid. The lien must be filed at the county recorder's office.

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What permits do I need?

It's difficult to state exactly what permits you will need, but chances are you will at least need a building permit. In addition, every municipality in California has its own zoning codes and restrictions.

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What is a construction defect?

Common construction defects include structural defects, faulty wiring, poor plumbing, unstable foundations, and water and drainage issues. A construction defect can occur at virtually any stage of land development. Valid lawsuits are dependent on the circumstances of the defect and the amount of damage it caused. Additionally, any individuals involved in the building process — including architects, contractors and subcontractors, engineers and suppliers — may be responsible for defects.

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Why do I need a construction law attorney?

Prosecuting or defending against a construction lawsuit in California can be difficult. Proper investigatory work must be performed to uncover the root of the issue at hand. Additionally, the discovery process in construction law claims can be lengthy. At Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation, our dedicated attorneys have extensive litigation experience and are prepared to work tirelessly to uphold your rights every step of the way.

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