In the town of Chico, California, a local hospital has demanded change as a result of their failing union. The healthcare workers, expressing their grievances towards the union system at their place of work, have left and moved to a rivaling union group in hopes of a more democratic system. They seek to raise their wages to that of other jobs in their region.

The people in the healthcare workforce are a key part of the EMS system, as well as our communities. For them to be made to feel this way, it may be time for reformation in the healthcare system. If you are a healthcare worker and you find yourself relating to the case of this small, Chico-based hospital, then seek representation by a law firm with experience in labor laws.

Health Hazards Faced by Healthcare Workers

Oftentimes, we second guess the healthcare workers at our local hospitals. However, there are numerous health hazards to which they are regularly exposed, such as:

  • Bloodborne pathogens and biological hazards,
  • Drug exposures,
  • Waste anesthetic gas exposure,
  • Respiratory hazards,
  • Ergonomic hazards from lifting and repetitive tasks,
  • Laser hazards,
  • Workplace violence,
  • Radioactive materials and x-ray hazards, and
  • Chemical exposure.

Many healthcare workers regularly get sick and/or injured. More workers find themselves injured in the healthcare industry than any other. In 2010, there was a reported 653,900 cases of illness.

Some Reprieve for the Healthcare Industry

As of 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor has mandated that home health care agencies pay their workers the minimum wage and that they now receive overtime pay. This greatly impacts those workers who are homebound, providing services to those with disabilities and senior citizens. Home care workers have been exempted from regulation pay rules, but they have argued that the work being done is more than providing companionship.

A big step in the healthcare industry, this has potential to open up many doors for those who are currently or plan to join the workforce.

Working Overtime

A healthcare facility needs to meet the following employment requirements to be considered able to provide overtime hours:

  • Required overtime is in response to an unforeseeable emergent circumstance and only as a last resort
  • Chronically short staffed
  • Employer has exhausted all means to obtain staffing

The employer then must provide the employee with necessary time (an hour) to arrange for the care of the employee’s children or disabled family members (given they have a dependent family). If you feel that you, or someone you know, may not be receiving the deserved coverages in your place of work, contact a law firm and schedule a consultation.

Healthcare Labor Representation in Pleasanton, CA

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