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Know Your Rights in a California Property Easement

When you buy a piece of property in California, you understandably assume that said piece of property is all yours, to do with what you will. This includes allowing certain Read More

Is Work Actually Completed? Things to Consider Before Filing a Mechanic’s Lien

When it comes to opening a construction payment dispute, timing is everything. The state of California offers several legal remedies to contractors and suppliers who have not been paid for Read More

Who Is Liable for the Construction Defects in Your New Home?

When homebuyers invest in a brand new home, they expect that home to be essentially perfect and free from defects. Unfortunately, even new homes come with their fair share of Read More

Construction Defect Litigation in California

What Are Construction Defects? Almost any condition that diminishes the value of a home, condominium, or common area can be legally recognized as a construction defect. The flaw can be in Read More

How Do Mechanics Liens Work in California?

Property owners hire contractors to construct new buildings or carry out improvement projects. The contractor's source of legal protection against property owners’ payment default is to file mechanics liens. A Pleasanton Read More

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 posts