Discrimination claim statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) show a steady increase in employees filing complaints, as well as their success through resolution or litigation. In a tight economy, businesses are more under threat of lawsuits that claim discrimination and harassment. A Pleasanton employment lawyer can provide legal guidance and representation to help protect your business interests.

The EEOC reported that discrimination claims relief reached a record high, obtaining $455.6 million in relief through its enforcement, mediation and litigation in 2011. The EEOC dealt with a record number of complaint receipts and filed 300 lawsuits, obtaining $91 million from successful litigation alone. It was the second year that the EEOC received record numbers of discrimination charges.

What do these trends mean for business owners? They indicate that it is time to ensure sound company anti-discrimination policies are in place and that management takes proactive steps to eliminate instances of discrimination in the workplace. Legal consultation and advice tailored to meet the needs of your industry can often prevent discrimination issues from arising in the first place. Having access to a Pleasanton employment attorney enables you to evaluate your business practices liability risk. Discrimination claims can address a wide scope of employment activities, ranging from advertising for positions through hiring, everyday operations and terminating employees.

Garcia & Gurney A Law Corporation works closely with our business clients to protect their rights and business interests. In addition to helping you take preventive measures, we also represent clients through mediation, arbitration and litigation to resolve disputed employment issues.