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Business Owners: Grace Period for CCPA Compliance Ends July 1

Business Owners: Your Grace Period for Compliance with the California Consumer Protection Act Ends July 1 On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Protection Act (Act) became effective securing private rights of action for California consumers and residents, and separate opportunities for the state to bring legal action against your business. In our blog published Read More

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Shelter-in-Place Orders are Extended Across the San Francisco Bay Area

Shelter-in-Place Orders are Extended Across the San Francisco Bay Area Effective May 3, 2020, the following San Francisco Bay Area counties will extend their existing shelter-in-place orders through May 31, 2020: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Mateo. What’s New in the Extended Orders In addition to extending the shelter-in-place orders, Read More

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Deploying Force Majeure Clauses in the Age of COVID-19

Deploying Force Majeure Clauses in the Age of COVID-19 As a result of the continuing coronavirus pandemic more commonly referred to as COVID-19, nearly a dozen county public health departments across California including seven counties in the San Francisco Bay Area have issued a shelter-in-place order (“Order” or “Orders”) lasting through at least April 7, Read More

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California Employer Guidelines on COVID-19 Part II: What should business owners do now?

California Employer Guidelines on COVID-19 Part II: What should business owners do now? As a California employer, you likely have questions about how best to respond to COVID-19, how to continue to serve your customers, how to keep your employees safe, and what to do about new regulations and orders from local, state, and federal Read More

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New Privacy Rights Are On the Way: What Your Marketing and Human Resources Departments Need to Know

Teaser: The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) becomes effective January 1, 2020. Failure to comply with this Act risks regulatory and private action including fines of $2,500 per violation. The Act defines a consumer as a California resident, which includes your employees. We recommend a five-step plan for your business. The California Consumer Protection Act Read More

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The Top 5 Things to Never Allow in a Commercial Lease

Stop! Do not Pass Go and collect $200. Many commercial tenants think the negotiation phase is complete once they have settled on a rent price and a term with their landlord. They are quick to “Pass Go” by signing the lease once they see the negotiated rent price is reflected accurately. In doing so, these Read More

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The 3 Vital Contract Terms Your Operations Department Must Use in Every Contract

While dozens of contract provisions provide you with legal and cost protections, three specific terms are vital for the success of your operations department. Read below for an overview of how these three provisions influence your relationships with vendors and your ability to deliver your own products or services. Scope of Work This section of Read More

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Preparing to Sell Your Business

Preparing to Sell Your Business If you are like most entrepreneurs, your business is more than your income stream: it is your life. You have poured countless days and nights into delivering quality to your customers, increasing your market share, capitalizing on new opportunities, weathering bad quarters, and have done all of this at the Read More

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The Importance of an NDA in Your Business

If you are launching a new product or pitching investors, you need an NDA. Throughout the existence of your business, you have likely developed unique ideas, systems, processes, strategies, and plans that you want kept secret. Your customer and supplier relationships might also require you to keep certain information like ordering history or billing addresses Read More

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